Do you have a proud gaming moment?


Gaming is in itself quite an achievement, they’re expensive, can take a lot of your time and some require lots of skill to complete, but it’s also so worth it in the end. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m sure there’s one game that you’ve excelled at so well, that you consider it one of your top gaming moments.

Last week I finally achieved something I’d been hoping to get for a very long time, the platinum trophy for The Last of Us. I’ve been gunning for that trophy since it appeared on the PS3, but it wasn’t until the game was remastered that I put my effort into overdrive. At long last I not only have the platinum, but all the other trophies (not needed for the platinum) as well. This is by far the biggest and best of my gaming achievements.


I’ve never been on the top of a leaderboard before, but I’m sure being number 1 is a proud moment. I’ve never been particularly great online, but I’ve seen many people own others in the multiplayer scene, particularly while playing Star Wars Battlefront. The only other MP I’ve sunk my teeth into was The Last of Us, and there just as many excellent players there.

So this week I’m asking you for your proudest moment in gaming. It doesn’t have to be an online achievement or a trophy, it could be a mod you created, how fast you’ve completed a game, or a consecutive head count kill. Whatever. If you’re proud of it, share it with us.

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