Video: Ratchet & Clank graphics comparison between PS4, PS3 and PS2


We recently reviewed the remake of the classic Ratchet & Clank game and it’s received deserved praise around the world. Keep in mind that there’s quite a big difference between and remake and a remastered game. Digital Foundry, the folks who love doing video comparisons, have taken some time to compare the PS4 remake to the PS3 remaster of the PS2 original game.

It’s actually quite impressive seeing how much sharper the PS3 version is when compared to the blurry mess on the PS2, but when the footage for the PS4 remake kicks in it’s hard to pull your jaw off the ground. The game looks incredible and by the looks of it plays just as well as you might recall. If you’re a Ratchet & Clank fan you might want to consider that purchase you’ve been on the fence for.

Ratchet & Clank is available on the PlayStation Store right now, and will be at retail next week exclusively for PS4.

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