Rumour: Horizon Zero Dawn pushed back to 2017


You surprised? Game delays are as common as your every day cold these days. It’s now rumoured by an insider that Horizon Zero Dawn will in fact be delayed to 2017 and if our wallets could talk they would be rejoicing right about now. The game looks absolutely stunning and we’re definitely excited to get our hands on it, but have you had a look at 2016? There’s enough games to last us a life time.

The insider took to Twitter to express what he had heard:

On NeoGaf everyone lost their minds as they thought the game was going the PS4.5 (or PS4K) route, but he clarified things up:

[quote]Yikes, I suppose I’ll chime in since that was taken way farther than I thought. Honestly it was just a general comment, obviously the whole point of the 4k is better looking games, that’s all I meant. It was never meant as a “It’ll run like ass on the PS4” chide. This is Guerrilla we’re talking about. Vast majority of this game’s development has been on the PS4. They’ve always done well in the performance department. I don’t think there’s a reason to fear for anything.[/quote]

Guerilla Games are First Party developers for Sony, so what he says makes good sense. Just remove it from the calendar this year. The wait will be worth it.

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