Randy Pitchford teases Borderlands 3


Borderlands came out of nowhere in the last generation with a series that’s now beloved by many fans around the world. The more Randy and his crew at Gearbox Software talks about their upcoming Battleborn, the online shooter, the more fans are asking about Borderlands 3. Well, Randy Pitchford, the CEO at Gearbox Software, finally teased some details about the game over the weekend.

While at the PAX East event he officially came out and said the following:

[quote]Obviously, there is going to be another Borderlands. We don’t even know if we’re going to call it that.[/quote]

Later on he also confirmed that Mikey Neumann, the man who wrote the first Borderlands game will be in charge of whatever the next game will be named. That’s good news for those who weren’t all that sold on anything after the original game. Scott Kester will also return as art director.

Right now that’s as much as we know. Their focus is currently on the launch for Battleborn that launches next week on 3 May for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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