Overwatch open beta extended by 24 hours


Are you having too much fun in Blizzard’s online shooter and wish that the beta would never come to an end? You’re in luck! The beta has officially been extended by another 24 hours. It might not be all the time you require to perfect your game, but it’s enough to help for the wait until the game launches. Fortunately you won’t be waiting all that long as it’s expected to be released later this month on 24 May for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Blizzard confirmed this on a Battle.net post and the reason is simple – to thank all the beta players:

[quote]Over the last week, we’ve also had the opportunity to listen to your thoughts and opinions on the game; make improvements based on your reports in these very forums; and collect invaluable data just from you playing normally.

We couldn’t be more grateful. So, as a small way of saying thank you to our community and the millions of players who’ve logged in so far, we will be extending the Open Beta by 1 day on all platforms.[/quote]

Well, there you have it, you have another night of Overwatch to get to, so clear your Monday evening plans!

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