Video: Is this guy the best Dark Souls 3 player in the world?

Dark Souls 3 boss header
Dark Souls 3 is known for its difficulty, I have seen grown men cry while playing it out of frustration. That’s why when you see a YouTuber named TolomeoR defeat every single boss in the game without rolling, blocking or parrying once and to top it off, no leveling up – you cant’t help but be amazed. To make things even more ridiculous he only used the starting weapon – a broadsword, and only changed it once defeating one of the hardest bosses in the game – Champion Gundyr. TolomeoR told Reddit that,

[quote]The run took about 50-60 hours in total, with the three hardest bosses being Soul of Cinder, Nameless and the Twin Princes. Soul of Cinder alone took a solid ~15 hours of attempts.[/quote]

15 hours to beat a single boss… this man is truly not of this world. They should have awards for people like this that pull off amazing feats in games, like an Oscar evening. We are so impressed we might even start it ourselves. Take a look at the below feat and keep in mind that there are spoilers, so only watch if you have run (or died your way) through the game already. Let us know what you think?


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