Operation Dust Line DLC for Rainbow Six: Siege detailed.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Dust Line

This week sees the new Rainbow Six Siege update, which introduces the next set of DLC, go live.

The Operation Dust Line DLC includes a new map titled “Border” as well as two US Navy SEAL operators. The two operators are Valkyrie & Blackbeard and you can see them both in action on the new map in the new trailer.

While the Border map is free to all players from tomorrow, the 11th of May, only season pass owners will have instant access to the new operators. Non season pass owner will have to wait till May 18 to unlock them using in-game or real world currency.

Dust Line also features more customization options such as weapon skins, headgear and charms. Players will now be able to customize their loadouts between and after rounds.

Dust line is coming! Our next content update Operation Dust Line will be released on May 11th! Discover the new map Border and the two new operators Blackbeard and Valkyrie. Blackbeard is an attacker who can attach a rifle shield to his primary weapon while Valkyrie is a defender who can deploy four black eye cameras all around the map.

The map will be live on May the 11th for all the players. The operators are going to be unlocked on the 11th for all season pass owners and on the 18th for all.


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