Video: Get more insight into The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine with this Dev Diary


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt could last you well over 100 hours and ended up being considered as 2015’s game of the year just about everywhere. Those who can’t get enough of Geralt will no doubt be very excited with this 30-hour expansion that’ll launch on 31 May. Below we have a Developer Diary that touches on the various elements you’ll get to experience.

In the Wild Hunt the world was often dark and gloomy, but in Blood and Wine you are about to enter a fairy tale world that’s made up of bright beautiful colours that holds its own secrets. After something terrifying happens in this wonderland Geralt is called upon to assist. Expect a new set of monsters to show up as well as… mutations. Of course there are new Gwent cards and even vineyards – there’s a reason ‘Wine’ is included in that title after all.

It sounds more like a brand new game. Not quite as long as the original, but the hours top most other titles. It’s just over two weeks away from launch, but for now you can watch this:

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