We chat to MFM 92.6 – Overwatch open beta and Uncharted 4


We’ve not been on the air for two weeks now for various reasons, but this week we got to sit down with the awesome folks over at MFM 92.6, who you can catch live every day by going here. It’s a big week for games this week as we had the time to discuss some of our thoughts on the Overwatch open beta as well as Uncharted 4.

Yes, we’re aware that DOOM releases today, but we’ll be chatting about that next week. Though the Overwatch open beta is now over we’ve had more than enough time with it to leave some impressions, that Wookiee chats about. I on the other hand can’t shut my mouth about Uncharted 4 as it’s really a fantastic game. I just finished it last night as believe that any PS4 owner should own this game.

You can listen to our chat below. Next week we’ll be back to chat about DOOM:

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