The Burning Question: Do you LOVE E3?


It’s pretty unbelievable that E3 is around the corner again. Feels like just the other day we were there walking the streets of LA, humming the tune of Cecilia for David. It’s a time in the gaming industry where everything is so focused on what is coming out and what work the different publishers and developers can show off.

E3 2015 had lots of reveals that sent watchers through the roof with excitement. Reveals like the remake of Final Fantasy VII, The Last Guardian, a new Gears of War and of course some magnificent-looking indie games such as Unravel, Cuphead and ABZU. A year on and we should see more of these and a whole lot more.


Every year around this time I start getting super hyped for E3. I love the whole furore generated around it and I still think it’s the best of the shows during the year (though I know some prefer Gamescom). Seeing those massive Microsoft and Sony conferences is awesome, and the Ubisoft one is never too shabby either. I am sure Bethesda will put a show on again which takes away the pain of EA having a separate event… though EA conferences are usually the most boring anyway.

I know there are a lot of people who have become disillusioned with the show. Some feel we don’t see anything “really” new, there’s little innovation and what we do see we know we won’t get to play for a long time still. Others are like me, and lap up every bit of info that comes out of the expo reminding us why we love this industry so much, while also reminding us how many cool things are heading our way and why we are gamers in the first place.


So my burning question this week is which boat do you sit in. Do you LOVE E3 and can’t wait for all those reveals, the fanfare and the over-the-top announcements? Or do you think it’s a complete waste of time providing little reason to even bother following it? Let us know below.

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