Video: Total War: Warhammer is the Lord of The Rings game we never got

For those RTS enthusiasts who have been waiting for a new strategy game that will push the limits of their rigs a bit firther, it looks like Total War: Warhammer will be just the ticket. Unlike previous Total War games, which were based on historical wars, Total War: Warhammer is set in a fantasy universe that resembles something out of Lord of The Rings. Warhammer fans will be itching to get their hands on this latest entry in the Total War series as it’s the first time the Warhammer universe has been brought to life on such a large scale.

There is a new trailer that has just been released showcasing some of the game modes in Total War: Warhammer, and by the looks of things it will follow the regular Total War formula. If you like what you’ve seen in the trailer below you will be happy to know that the game is out in just a few days, releasing on May 24th.


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