The next live-action film? Fruit Ninja


Last week most of the gaming world was quite amused at the news of a Tetris movie that’s now officially underway, but now the crazy has been pushed to an all new ‘WTF?!’. Fruit Ninja will be the next game that’ll be converted into a live-action film. That’s right, not animated – live-action.

If you’re in the dark and never played it – it’s basically a game that has you slicing up fruit by using touch controls on your mobile, or motion controls via Kinect on the Xbox 360 and your mouse on PC. According to the Hollywood Reporter it’ll be a “live-action family comedy”. Here is what they know so far:

[quote]Vinson has partnered with Halfbrick Studios for what is intended to be a live-action family comedy based on the popular game that centers on ninjas with an inexplicable vendetta against produce. Fruit Ninja is the second-highest-selling iOS game of all time, with over 1 billion downloads.

Sam White and Tara Farney are serving as executive producers.[/quote]

Hopefully this is as… errr… fruitful as the game was.

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