Eternal Darkness director claims that the spiritual successor is still alive


I expect that this particular post won’t get much interest, but those of you who played the GameCube classic, Eternal Darkness, will know just how magical that game was back in 2002. The way that Silicon Knights played with their sanity elements is something else and we’ve never seen any developer match it since. In 2014 we mentioned that the game is still in development, and now the director of the original Eternal Darkness, Denis Dyack, has appeared out of nowhere now to say that the project is still being worked on via his Youtube channel, The Quantum Tunnel.

In it he blames the media, like Kotaku and Jim Sterling, for being unethical and blaming him for doing underhanded business while he’s at it. Worth watching if you’re still waiting for your next Eternal Darkness fix:


Shadows of the Eternals has a terrible backstory. It has gone through two failed Kickstarter campaigns as it could not reach its original $1.5 million asking price, that got dropped to $750.000 and also failed. The year right after that one of the co-founders, Kenneth McCulloch at Dyack’s Precursor Games (the studio working on it), was sent to jail for child abuse and later charged for sexual assault and ultimately the studio called it a day in September 2013.

Below you’ll see a video showing off what he’s worked on so far and it’s looking very ‘Eternal Darkness’, but it might need a bit more work in the modern era we find ourselves in:

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