Here is The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine launch trailer. Geralt’s last adventure


Last year The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt claimed just about all the Game of the Year awards around the world, including here at SA Gamer. It was an adventure action RPG game every gamer simply had to play. The trilogy brought with it a closure to Geralt’s outing. Of course with DLC in the modern age it’s not always quite true, as the Blood and Wine expansion will launch on 31 May that’ll provide those Gwent decks you’re so eager to get, and a good few additional hours with Geralt.

Below is the launch trailer for this “Final Quest”, which is a stark reminder that this is indeed the very last time you will be playing as Geralt. He will enter a fairy tale world where he must uncover the secret behind a beast causing all sorts of havoc in the area. Sit back, take it all in, this is the last time you’ll see a Witcher trailer with Geralt in charge:

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