Is your Total War: Warhammer game crashing? Here is a fix

It’s common place now to experience bugs in games on launch day. Some people even swear off buying games day one and would rather wait for a few patches before making a purchase – that’s how common day one problems are. Well it looks like people that picked up Total War: Warhammer are experiencing the day one problem blues, with online servers crashing all over the place. SEGA is aware of the problem and are working on it but have released a temporary fix to help you get back online, just follow these steps below,

The publisher recommends restarting Steam in Offline Mode, for those who are having trouble connecting. Another thing to try is to verify game cache through Steam. You can do so by right-clicking on the game in the Library > Properties > Local Files, and choose ‘Verify Integrity of Game Cache.’

That should get you back online and back into the battlefield. If that still doesn’t work and you don’t feel like waiting for a patch you can contact the support page here.

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