Pokémon GO gets a few screenshots and more info

PokemonGo Feature Image

Pokémon, I choose you! Or I would have liked to if only you were available in Europe.

Niantic’s mobile augmented reality title is slated for this year 2016 on iOS and Android. A field test for Pokémon GO has begun in the US where players will gain early access to the title and have the opportunity to submit feedback on their experience to the developers. The field test is unfortunately restricted to the US for now, so here’s hoping Europe will receive a beta of its own soon. Niantic did however reveal a little more information as well as screenshots for the title.

Players will be able to locate and capture over 100 different Pokémon. The player will also be able to purchase special items and Poké-balls within the game by locating the ‘PokéStops’ at a specific location in real life. Players will also be able to battle it out in gym battles in real life locations. Once you’ve successfully taken over a gym you’ll be able to assign your Pokémon to the gym to defend it against challengers. If however you come across a gym that already has a ‘gym leader’, you’ll have to defeat them and drop the gyms level to zero and then defend the gym thereafter with your own Pokémon. Pokémon GO will be free on launch but should have in-app purchases.  Check out the screenshots below for a little more on what to expect.

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