Rumour: No Man’s Sky might be delayed to August

No Mans Sky Feature

Excited to get lost in the world of No Man’s Sky? If rumours are to be believed you might have a bad day coming your way. According to Kotaku No Man’s Sky will see it being delayed from its initial release date of 22 June. The exact delay at this point is unknown, but according to their source it could now launch in July or August.

Kotaku says their source is reliable and that they now have a second source via Gamestop (a US retailer) who provided them with the below images:

no-mans-sky-1 no-mans-sky-2

We’ll update this post if we get an official announcement. Two months (at most) is not too bad, though with the lack of games in June and July it would have been the perfect timing to adventure and discover new planets. If you need a reminder just how amazing this world looks you should watch the below trailer:

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