Video: This new Ueda interview brings all The Last Guardian feels back


After the beautiful and touching stories that ICO and Shadow of the Colossus left us it’s been a very long delay for fans of the next Ueda title, The Last Guardian. The game has been in development for nearly a decade, since 2007, and was shown off to the world at E3 in 2009. The title went dormant for years, to the dismay of fans, and last year Sony confirmed that it’s finally being completed and is heading to the PS4. Forward just under 12 months and we now have a fresh interview with Ueda, explaining some new gameplay elements and showing off new footage. What a time to be alive!


Trico, the dog… bird… animal thing, is looking better than ever and, according to Ueda in the IGN video, his eyes expresses emotion. For example – his eyes will turn red when he gets angry or is wary of something. See the image above. It looks quite evil if you ask me. He also explains that the boy and Trico aren’t friends, but that they have some level of trust in each other. It’s up to the player to decide on their relationship. Trico’s voice is also unique and an artificial sound that’s been made up to match the environments in the game.

If the below video does not have goosebumps tingling down your spine you should check if your heart is still beating:

There’s no launch date for The Last Guardian just yet, but we’re all hoping it finally launches later this year.

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