Microsoft slashes US price on Xbox One


Microsoft announced that the current version of the XBox One will be getting a $50 price cut in the United States. It is a bit surprising to get these sort of announcements right now, since it’s usually reserved for E3’s press conferences.

There’s a lot of speculation about new console versions being in the works for both Microsoft and Sony, and an announcement two weeks before E3 does give a some credence that there might be something announced by Microsoft at their conference.

What this means for us here in South Africa is not much yet, but the price decrease will eventually trickle down to us. This would be very welcome if you consider how expensive everything has become due to a struggling economy. The Xbox One is a very good console, and with a growing Xbox 360 backwards compatible catalogue, as well as some exciting Microsoft exclusives on the horizon, it might be time start considering going green in the near future. Just a pity on the hefty local price increase on Xbox Gold that’s happening soon.

Source: Gameinformer

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