Allison Road, the game inspired by P.T has been cancelled


We all know the saga that was Konami vs Kojima. It was an ugly divorce that saw them parting ways, Hideo Kojima losing all recognition for Metal Gear Solid V and upcoming Silent Hills being cancelled.

Kojima blew us away with the demo of P.T., which turned out to be a playable teaser for the now cancelled, Silent Hills. It got so much attention, that fans decided to kickstart the game and make their own version of it and called it Allison Road. Sadly, the spiritual successor to P.T. has been canceled:

It is sad news indeed, since its never nice if a game that people were excited for gets canned. But unfortunately, its a reality. The game was originally crowdfunded, but when that failed, Team 17 took over. They lost their lead character artist back in February, and it can be assumed that this had an impact on the game being canceled.

While we can speculate the reasons, we will know soon enough why Allison Road was cancelled.

Source: Destructoid

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