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Can you believe it’s E3 time again? It feels like just the other day we were heading that side to cover the 2015 conference and now a year later and it’s time to set those alarms for the conference times. This year should be an interesting one in terms of the conferences. Microsoft and Sony should have a lot planned, but cards seem to be close to the chest. Ubisoft is always a bit of a hit and miss but at least we can hear Aisha Tyler swear at us again, and while EA are not technically at E3, they still have their EA Play conference set up. When you ask? Well the times are just below. Take note that this has been converted to our local South African times:

EA – 12 June at 22:00 – EA go first this year with their EA Play conference. I am sure there will be plenty of Sports, some Mass Effect, Battlefield, Titanfall 2 and maybe a little surprise in there too?

Bethesda – 13 June at 04:00 – I have no idea what Bethesda will be showing this year. Last year was all about Fallout but it’s anyone’s guess what they will have this time around.

Microsoft – 13 June at 18:30 – Always the best placed conference in terms of our time zone. Rumours that the upgraded console will be shown and I am sure more Gears of War footage, Crackdown and ReCore, but I really hope there is something surprising in there too.

PC Gaming Show – 13 June at 20:30 – I am sure PC stuff will be shown. Lots of PC stuff. PC. Stuff.

Ubisoft – 13 June at 22:00 – Between the swearing we will no doubt hear a bit about Watch_Dogs 2 and then a bit of Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Other than that, maybe a tease of next year’s Assassin’s Creed game seeing as there is nothing this year? For Honor should be there too if you like that kind of thing.

Sony – 14 June at 03:00 – Sony smashed last year’s conference with all those reveals and hopefully this year we see more of those games and some release dates would be nice too. The Last of Us 2 teaser perhaps? I hope so!

Nintendo Treehouse – 14 June at 17:00 – Dodgy Uncle Reggie will feature and some more Zelda… no idea what else. Not sure Nintendo even know anymore to be honest.


That’s your schedule as it stands. As soon as there are links for the streams we will update the post. Any particular conference you are looking forward to most? Let us know.

Also, thanks to HookX on our forum for keeping tabs on the local times.

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