FIFA 17 Trailer Teases the Frostbite Engine


Much to the surprise of everyone (not really) EA announced FIFA 17 last night including a teaser trailer that revealed the new engine that will be used. For the last few years FIFA has used the Ignite engine which was very promising at the start but has since felt a bit dated and unresponsive. So it makes sense that the game would move to a new engine in order to keep progressing.

The Frostbite engine isn’t exactly new, and I am sure many would have preferred a new, custom built engine, but at least the game is moving away from the Ignite engine for now. The reveal trailer below doesn’t show a whole lot of in-game footage but it does show some nice shiny new visuals which, at the very least, looks impressive. Hopefully the animations and gameplay benefit from the new engine too, because FIFA really has gotten a bit stale the last two years.

There will be more at the EA Play event next week, but for now have a look at the teaser trailer.

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