Rainbow Six: Siege cheaters now banned on first offense

Rainbow 6 Siege

“HACKER!” We’ve all heard this been said after a really good winning streak when playing online. Somewhere along the line there are howerver people who exploit a game in order to get the upper hand. Ubisoft will now be taking a harder stance on both cheaters and hackers in its multiplayer shooter, Rainbow Six Siege.

Players caught running a modified or unauthorized version of the game or a third-party software such as wallhacks or aimhacks will be permanently banned… on the first offense.

For more information regarding this latest update and how Permanent Bans will work click here.


Being an online competitive game and considering Rainbow Six Siege’s unique features of destructibility and intel gathering, certain challenges come with community reporting. For example, a player getting a head shot through a wall is quite commonplace. This has potential to create a perception that someone is cheating.

While this is sometimes the case, we are working hard to differentiate reports of players who are coordinating with their team for information (how the game is meant to be played), and from someone who is maliciously altering the experience with third party software.

If you do encounter a cheater in the game, you can report them via the in-game report button, or submit their information to Ubisoft Support.


We are currently assessing and testing several client-side anti-cheat options in addition to FairFight and can confirm that we’ll be implementing one in the future. We will share additional information as soon as we are ready.

We will be continuing to support the community on this issue, and we want to assure you that if a player is using cheating software, they are not welcome in Rainbow Six Siege.


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