WTF moments at E3 we’ll never forget


E3 kicks off next week in the early hours of Monday morning, local time. It’s the time of the year all gamers wait for with bated breath. It’s here where you get to hear about all the latest and greatest new games that’s been worked on behind-the-scenes. You know? The top secret stuff. There’s also not a year that goes by that something happens that’s somewhat of a WTF moment.

It’s part of E3. Without those WTF moments E3 would not be the show as we know it. Not everything should be smooth sailing. Here are WTF moments at E3 we will, and should not, ever forget:


In 1995 SEGA had some trouble at hand. The SEGA Mega Drive had been pushed to its limits with a bunch of add-ons that made no sense. In their efforts to stay ahead of the new kid on the block, Sony, they walked out on-stage and announced that the SEGA Saturn was in stores right now. Yup, you could head off to a few selected stores in the US and buy a console that very moment. It’s probably one of the worst ideas ever, though Microsoft did something similar with the Xbox 360 slim several years thereafter. In this case it was a variation of an existing console, and not a whole new generation. It also happened to be the first ever E3 convention. You can see it here in all it’s glory:

Jamie Kennedy ruins Activision’s press conference

It feels like a long, long time ago, but Activision hosted their own conference several years ago. That came to an abrupt end the day Jamie Kennedy hosted the Activision conference. The now failed actor/comedian entered the stage while either being drunk or high on something. Before long he was insulting the gamers, and members in the audience, making the worst jokes ever, though people were laughing — but at him — and made a complete mess of it all. Here are two videos you have to watch:

Wii Music

In 2008 Nintendo all but reclaimed the throne in the gaming world. The Wii was a hit around the world thanks to Wii Sports that was packed in with the console. Nintendo could do no wrong. Then Miyamoto decided that Wii Music was a good idea. At the conference they had some poor guy playing the drums that ultimately ended up becoming a popular gif. It was hilarious and rather sad at the same time. Check for yourself:

Mr. Caffeine

You might have some issues with Aisha Tyler for swearing like a sailor on-stage, but before that Ubisoft had problems of a different kind. A host that was overexcited, energetic and tried real hard to be in with the ‘cool gaming crowd’ got it horribly wrong. He ended up being hated by all. It so happens to be that I attended this specific conference and experienced the fail in person. It was quite dreadful every time he did his weird “A DOODLY DOODLY DOODLY DOOOO” sound. Then he made silly, and old, jokes about the Wii and pronounced Tom Clancy as ‘Tom Calancy’. Who knows WTF he was thinking? I’d take Aisha Tyler over him any day.

Sony press conference 2006 – $599 PS3 console, Giant Enemy Grab and RIIIIIIDGE RAAAACEEER!!!!

This is quite easily Sony’s worst E3 conference to date. It’s a day Kaz Hirai and Phil Harrison will definitely like to forget. The Sony conference always takes place after the Xbox conference and after the successful Xbox conference earlier that day the pressure was on Sony to hit back. Instead they announced a price of $599 for the PS3 at launch. Phill Harrison followed that up by describing a ‘Giant Enemy Grab’ in a game he was playing and Kaz Hirai got a little overexcited while demonstrating Ridge Racer while on-stage. It’s also the conference where they showed off the new DualShock 3 that included motion controls. It was not a good day for PlayStation fans. You can watch Sony’s empire crumbling in the below video. Thankfully they’ve come to their senses since.

Konami 2010 press conference… oh my…

It’s broadly known as the worst conference that’s ever been hosted in the history of E3. It’s quite easily the most awkward show we’ve ever seen. No one knew what they were doing, the audience and online viewers barely understood what they were blabbering on about most of the time. And the events that took place on-stage was inconceivable. It’s just so f*#kedup, and I saw this live in person too (I think there is a trend here). Sit back, relax, and watch everything fall to pieces. Hopefully we never see something as dismal as this ever again.

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