EA Play “E3” Conference – 2016


E3 has officially begun and this year saw EA kick-off the proceedings with their first ever EA Play Conference. The big ‘deal’ was that the conference was hosted in two countries rather than just LA. Less said about that gimmick the better though I guess.

EA certainly isn’t known for the best conferences and while there were some good games on show tonight, that definitely hasn’t changed. Let’s run through the list of what was shown at EA’s conference shall we?

Titanfall 2

First up was a real big hitter in Titanfall 2. Despite the leak earlier it was great to get the official confirmation that the game is heading to PS4, Xbox One and PC on 28 October this year. There will be 6 new titans, more customisation and progression, and more importantly a single player campaign which was very much missing from the first game. The trailer wasn’t anything special, but still plenty to look forward to here. Oh, you can also go to titanfall.com and sign up for the beta.

Madden 17

After the fantastic-looking Titanfall 2 came Madden 17. There was the usual nonsense surrounding it, but what we saw in terms of gameplay looks slick and fun as always. Truth is, there wasn’t much new to show here but there are promises of some new commentators, more balanced play and new franchise options. There was also an emphasis on eSports with new challenges to try, but the highlight was definitely the star gamer who admitted to breaking his collarbone by tripping over his own laces. Magic.

Mass Effect Andromeda

We’ve been waiting for this one for two years already, but the video still shows no gameplay whatsoever. There are some nice bits in the trailer including possible characters, the new protagonist and planets, but we WANT more!

EA Access

Following that was the announcement that EA Access is available to all for the next 10 days. EA also took the time to announce a new initiative called EA Play to Give which is a charity tie in providing donations for completing challenges in-game.


FIFA barely needs any introduction or selling point. People buy it in bulk every single year without hesitation (myself included). Truth is that it’s on a bit of a downward slope at the moment with the devs having difficulty evolving the gameplay. We know the game will be moving from the Ignite to the Frostbite engine but we will have to see how that goes. Also revealed tonight was a new story mode called The Journey. It looks a bit horrible really, but time will tell. Otherwise it was confirmation that Premier League managers will appear and some or other buzz words like ‘rescripted set-pieces’ which seem to be mentioned yearly, and I don’t believe it. Still, fun video watch.

EA Originals and Fe

Far more impressive was the announcement of EA Originals which has EA backing smaller developers. Even more impressive is that they promised that all profits go straight back to the dev in order to make more games. Pretty cool. This was followed by one of the first EA Original games called Fe. It’s got that “arty” feeling to it and looks splendid, almost Journey-like if I dare say, but I won’t get my hopes up until closer to the time.

Star Wars

Everyone loves a bit of Star Wars, though EA seem to love more than just a bit. There are a bunch of EA Star Wars based games coming out and the conference highlighted all the different studios involved and bits and pieces of their game. Some cool stuff coming out there (we hope) from Visceral and ReSpawn. Oh, and Battlefront was mentioned with the promise of updated content and stuff… if anyone cares?

Battlefield 1

The EA Conference concluded with the game everyone wants to know more about, and that is Battlefield 1. The footage looked mighty impressive and it promises lots of new content, weapons, vehicles and a whole lot more. If the trailer is anything to go by it’s going to be a massive game and one that will generate a lot of excitement.


Well that’s a wrap up of the EA conference and the start of E3 2016. Definitely the standard (boring) EA conference, but at least we get it out the way quickly this year. Let us know your thoughts below!

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