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After the unbelievable conference from 2015 it was always going to be a tough ask for Sony to somehow top that. Though there weren’t as many moments of pure excitement, when compared to what we saw in 2015, the 2016 conference provided its fair share of unexpected moments and, make no mistake, the focus was on the games like never before. Here’s what happened.

Back at home the rest of the SA Gamer crew can only imagine what Garth and David experienced as there was a live orchestra that performed throughout the show. They however started it off with something that was rumoured, and set the tone to push the hype levels through the roof.

God of War

Yes, Kratos is back. He’s quite a bit older and his chains and blades are missing. How exactly he got to this point we do not know. What we do know is that the theme has indeed moved from Greek to Norse Mythology as has been rumoured. Kratos is putting a young boy through training. If this boy is some random boy he’s helping, or his son, is unknown at this point. It’s looking absolutely amazing, and it’s best you just watch the trailer to see what’s in store.

Days Gone

Was it not for the fact that we were told that Bend Studios (developed the Syphon Filter games as well as Uncharted: Golden Abyss) we would have guessed that this was The Last of Us 2. You’ll step into the shoes of a drifter-bounty hunter-mercenary that goes by the name of Deacon St. John. The world, as in The Last of Us, has been taken over by some form of undead zombie creatures named Freakers and it’s up to you to shoot anything that moves. There’s no release date for this new open-world survival adventure game, but it’s looking good.

The Last Guardian

At last! We now have a release date and you won’t have to wait long at all. Come 25 October, just over four months from now, you’ll be able to finally play The Last Guardian. Not a word was spoken about it, but you can watch the brief trailer below.

Horizon Zero Dawn

One of the big reveals in 2015 has returned in this year to remind you why this PS4 exclusive should be a game to keep an eye on. The below gameplay trailer now tells us a bit more about Aloy’s world. She can communicate with other people by using a similar system seen in games like Mass Effect whereby you select what you ask or answer. You’ll also see her looting foes she’s shot with her arrows and using it to craft items, in the particular case you see her drafting explosive traps. She can trap and catch the robo creatures and ride them into battle. Lastly you’ll see her face off against what we expect is a mini boss battle.

Detroit: Become Human

David Cage’s next interactive movie… err… game is gaining momentum and instead of shedding more light on Kara we get to meet Connor, an Android in the game. In this particular trailer he’s trying to negotiate with another android who’s about to jump off a building with a human girl he’s taken hostage. You’ll collect information, face dilemmas, build your own story, live by your decisions and face the consequences.

Resident Evil 7

Arguably the most unexpected showing of all the games at this conference would be Resident Evil 7. Right up to the point that you see the title you’ll have absolutely no idea that this first-person game you’re looking at is a Resident Evil game. Gone are the action sequences and in its place is a game that will return to the survival horror genre. It’s already got a launch date of 24 January and will work on PlayStation VR. Oh, there’s a demo available later today on PS4!

PlayStation VR

Next up was the expected PlayStation VR segment in the show. PlayStation VR will launch in the US on 13 October at $399 with more than 50 games from launch until the end of this year. There’s no confirmation on the European launch date, including South Africa of course. This of course led to a whole bunch of VR titles. Here’s are the videos of all these games:


Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission

Batman Arkham VR (Exclusive to PlayStation VR)

Final Fantasy XV VR Experience

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

It took a while for any fan of the Call of Duty franchise to click that what they were watching was indeed a Call of Duty game. The footage shown takes place in space and it’s not long before you’re in your aircraft and shooting down the enemy in dog fights. Next you’re on-foot and using a grapple to pull enemies towards you to help with the lack of gravity. It’s frantic and the set pieces are definitely a reminder that it’s still a Call of Duty game. Some people might have issues with it, but it still looks like a super amount of fun.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

There was a reminder that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be bundled with Infinite Warfare, if you so please, and that it’s looking rather good. PS4 players will get to play the campaign 30 days earlier than anyone else.

Crash Bandicoot 1 – 3 (Skylanders Imaginators)

Sony has confirmed tonight that they have been in talks with Activision and that Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 and 3 are all being made from the ground up with the PS4 hardware in mind. We know nothing else at this point, other than the fact that Crash will appear in Skylanders: Imaginators as was rumoured:

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Yes, we are well aware that game launches in a mere two weeks on 28 June, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of humour. Up to this point the show was quite serious and the typical LEGO humour was a reminder that games are first and foremost about fun. They also took the time to announce that the a demo is available on the PlayStation Store right now!

Death Stranding

Andrew House walked out on stage to introduce Hideo Kojima to a huge applause by the crowd. His English improved a little it seems and took the time to announce his new title named Death Stranding. Guess who has returned to work with him? Norman Reedus, who was originally the protagonist in Konami’s Silent Hills. Norman’s character wakes up on the beach with a baby attached via an umbilical cord, and the next thing you know the baby is gone, with hand prints appearing. As the protagonist stands up you see whales and fish lying dead alongside the beach with five human-like entities appearing in the sky. Hideo likes his supernatural stuff, so it makes good sense. It’s still a long way off, so don’t get too excited just yet.


Yes, the rumours were once again true. Insomniac Games, the folks behind Ratchet & Clank and the Resistance franchise, are indeed working on a Spider-Man game. The below video is looking exceptionally good and there’s no doubt that Insomniac will do wonders for the world of Spider-Man. It’s another game that has no release date, but we’re hoping that we hear a bit more about it later this year.

Days Gone (gameplay)

Earlier in the show we saw the first footage for Days Gone telling a story of a biker riding his bike with the love of his life. Now you get to see just exactly what he has to deal with in a world where Freakers, a zombie-like creature, has taken over the world. It looks like it’s going to be ‘edge of your seat’ material and that it’s the perfect game for action junkies. Dave is drooling wherever he might be right now.

That was it for the Sony conference. As we mentioned – it was not quite as big as 2015, but still an impressive showing nonetheless. What stood out for you?


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