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Ubisoft, or shall we say Oobisoft, is back with a bang. You know it’s a Ubisoft event when some random people dressed in all sorts of outfits appear on the stage start dancing to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Know. The energetic and entertaining opening of Ubisoft’s Showcase was actually a small demo of sorts for the new Just Dance 2017.

The new game in the franchise will release in October 2016 for current gen consoles and for the Nintendo NX in 2017. Time to check it out!

Just Dance 2017

After that fun ride, host Aisha Tyler (who, in my opinion did it stellar job of hosting) said a few words about the recent attacks in Orlando. All the speakers (as well as those in the other showcases) can be seen wearing a rainbow coloured ribbon to show their support. Moving on, the next game to show was none other than Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

The game takes place in Bolivia, where the Ghost team will have to fight against a corrupt government and a cocaine dealing drug cartel. The game is completely open world and features a variety of different eco-systems. There were two videos shown at the conference, one trailer video and a gameplay video. Here they are:



Ghost Recon: Wildlands will be released on 7 March 2017.

South Park the Fractured But Whole

Next in line in this very lengthy showcase was South Park. The widely successful Stick of Truth finally gets a sequel that looks even better. This time you swap fantasy for superheroes. You’ll play a team of really misfit child superheroes who is lead by Cartman. The new game will make better use of space, where you’ll be able to move around on the battlefield, and time, allowing you to change the order in which people attack. You’ll also be playing it a lot sooner than you think as it will be out on 6 December 2016. Bonus: If you pre-purchase the game, you’ll get The Stick of Truth absolutely free. Time to watch those clips:



The Division Underground and Survival

Are you still playing The Division? Well, not only will you be getting Underground in the up coming weeks, but there’s another expansion coming to town. In Underground, you’ll face a new threat that is, well, underground. It will release on 28 June for Xbox One and PC, and 2 August for the PS4. The other expansion is titled Survival and does just what the name implies: forces you to survive at all costs.  This expansion comes out soon – you’ll have to ask Father Time when soon is.

The Division: Underground

The Division: Survival

Eagle Flight VR

The next two games are VR specific games. First up is Eagle Flight, a PVP game where you play as an eagle who must catch a rabbit and take it to your nest before an enemy eagle snatches it from you. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the graphics at all, but I did enjoy the competitiveness of the game. I’m still not sold on VR as the next best thing in gaming (at least not if it looks like that), but I’d like to give it go if I get the chance.

Star Trek Bridge Crew

Before I carry on with this paragraph, I do need to say something first: OMG KARL URBAN! Okay, I’m done. The second VR experience is a Star Trek simulator of sorts. In it you’l play with up to four friends and command the U.S.S Aegis. Each friend will take on a specific role: engineer, tactics, pilot and captain. You’ll obviously take on a first-person perspective give orders (if you’re the captain) or follow orders (if you are the crew). While I do think taking command of your own spaceship is seriously cool, I can’t get over how low quality the visuals are. What do you think? Take a look:

For Honor

After that very animated VR experience, Ubisoft dove right into the brutality of For Honor. “Desperation drives us to war” is one of main lines from the game, and sums up the whole experience perfectly. In it, you’ll play one of three factions: The Knights, Samurai or Vikings. All three are at war with each other for vital resources. Their ongoing war is also fuelled by Opollion (Apollion?) a warrior who craves war. The game features some really brutal action and some interesting ways to kill and maim, but the fighting seems a little too slow for my tastes. Here’s the trailer and a little walkthrough.



For Honor will be out on 14 February 2017. Yup, you read that right, Valentine’s Day.

Grow Up

Grow Home gets a sequel and it’s bigger and better than ever before. BUD, the little robot from Grow Home, is back in action and needs some help getting to the moon. This time though, there’s no Mom to help him, so you’re all he has. You’ll still be guiding plant shoots all over, but now you can throw seeds to grow bouncy mushrooms and all kind of crazy things.The game will release in August. Here’s a sneak peak:

Trials of Blood Dragon

Okay, this video game is just crazy. The trailer for this game is a little over-the-top and words actually fail me when trying to describe it. It’s crazy, weird, random and so many other mad things rolled up into one. A side-scrolling, running, shooting, driving game with lots of action, lights and crazy enemies. I think it would be best for you to just see it for yourself. Oh, and the game is actually out already.

Assassin’s Creed Movie

We all knew something Assassin’s Creedy was going to happen. This time it was the Assassin’s Creed movie which is due to release on 21 December 2016. The clip below shows some never-before-seen behind the scenes footage, as well as new movie footage. Be sure to take a look if you’re itching to find out more about the movie.

Watch_Dogs 2

How could Ubisoft not show more footage of Watch_Dogs 2? The game dropped not too long ago and there’s a lot of buzz around it. In it, you play Marcu Holloway, a member of the hacker group Dedsec. Their aim is to stop a certain politician and simultaneously free the minds of the techno-enslaved populous of San Francisco. A lot of great gameplay footage was shown, especially showing off the new hacking styles and newly added features, like drone and robot control. The stealth looks slick as hell, but the gunplay still looks as clunky as it did in the first Watch_Dogs. The game is set to (if it’s not delayed by a few months*mumble*) release on 15 November 2016. Check out the gameplay footage and the trailer below:




The last game shown at the Ubisoft conference wasn’t Beyond Good and Evil 2 was a brand new IP called Steep. The basic premise of the game is that you’re a extreme sport enthusiast (I guess) and a bit of an adrenaline junkie. In Steep, you’ll traverse a large open world that’s based on the steep mountains of Europe. You can paraglide, snowboard, ski and do all sorts of extreme sports with people all over the world. You can challenge them, challenge yourself, review your death defying tricks and more. It looks like an extremely ambitious game and it’s far too early to see if it will be as amazing as Yves Guillemot thinks it will be. What do you think?



That’s it for Ubisoft’s E3 2016 showcase. I thought it was a great show that started off really strong and ended on a good high with Watch_Dogs 2. It was damn long though, sitting at 2 hours, which is a lot longer than I’m used to. I’m also really impressed with Aisha Tyler, who was a little toned down this year. Also, before I leave you, congrats to Ubisoft on their 30 Year Anniversary. You’ve made some great games. We hope you’ll deliver some more (And don’t forget about Beyond Good and bloody Evil 2! )

I R 'Kaal'gat Kyle!

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