Days Gone Gets an Extended Gameplay Trailer


A cool little surprise at the Sony conference the other night was a look at the new game from Bend Studios called Days Gone. Visually, it’s already been compared to a likeness of The Last of Us, and given it is also set in a post-apocalyptic world the comparison is understandable.

Days Gone, however, is an open world survival game, which will have the main protagonist, Deacon St. John, fending off the undead as well as the other usual elements of a “zombie” filled world. One thing is for sure, and that is that the game looks amazing and if they can nail the gameplay and story it should be a definite hit for Bend Studios. Below is an extended version of the E3 trailer which shows a bit more gameplay and includes some of those elements you’ll have to contend with.

There’s no release date yet, but it obviously won’t be this year. In the meantime, check out the extended video below:

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