Let it Die has new life in this E3 trailer

Let it Die Feature Res

Let it Die was announced at Tokyo Game Show in 2014 but only this year has it been showing its chops. In the new E3 trailer more actual gameplay is shown and it isn’t hard to see producer Suda51’s nature coming though. The trailer shows the gun play and melee combat along with the over the craziness fans expect. Suda51, known for his offbeat fashion is bringing the fire with a game that originally had many writing it off.

Let it Die has a distinct feeling of Suda’s previous games. It comes off more like a mashup of Shadows of the Damned and Killer is Dead, both glorious in their own right. This is a departure however, where the game focuses on player customisation. A variety of weapons and player models are shown in the trailer all used in violent ways against the AI. There is also a Dark Souls vibe coming from the footage and early impressions, so maybe this might be another take on the popular From Software formula. This will also be Grasshopper Manufacture’s first foray into the Free to Play space with publisher GungHo Online Entertainments into the current generation. It is always interesting to see how developers and publishers interpret the model, and we hope it is not exploitative as to impact the game.

Let it Die has faced fan backlash due to its initial showing, with the announcement coming along with the news that Lily Bergamo had been adapted into this. The heavily anime style has been switched up for a darker setting. This was a departure from Suda’s older games yet the trailer makes it very clear that this is straight out of his warped mind. Here is some Developer Commentary with the Producer himself.

Let it Die has no firm date yet, but the PlayStation 4 exclusive is set for this year. Another romp through a distinctly Suda51 game is always a welcomed treat as is the experimentation. Hopefully “Let it Die” won’t be what players will be saying about this game post release.

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