Deals to ease you off of E3


Just last week we loaded the deals to get you into E3, and now it’s over and we have said goodbye to the LA floor and its wonderful surprises. Here are the deals you can cure your sadness with.

On PSN this week is the magnificent Ratchet & Clank as the Deal of the Week and it’s a MUST buy if you haven’t played it. Other than that there are some great deals on PSN if you are looking for any EA games. If you’re in love with racing games then you should have a look at the Forza specials if you’re an Xbox One owner . As for Nintendo Wii U and 3DS owners – Super Smash Bros. is on sale for both platforms. Humble Bundle’s Hamble offering returns and the new bundle is an E3 themed bundle.

Firstly let’s look at what the guys over at Cheap Gamer have discovered at retail here in South Africa:


Xbox One 500GB Console + 3 Games – R4999 | Raru 

Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack (PS4/X1) – R499 | Raru

Xbox One 1TB Elite Console Bundle – R5499 | BT Games

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (Xbox One) – R325 | Loot


Deal of the Week Cost
Ratchet & Clank R369.00 (reduced from R509.00)
EA Games Standard Price PS+ Price
Need for Speed R899 R339.10
Need for Speed Deluxe Edition R999 R369.10
EA Sports UFC 2 R499 N/A
EA Sports FIFA 16 R299 N/A
FIFA 16 Deluxe Edition R469 N/A
FIFA 16 Super Deluxe Edition R749 N/A
Battlefield 4 R73 N/A
Battlefield Hardline Standard Edition R73 N/A
Battlefield Bundle R129 N/A
Star Wars Battlefront R429 N/A
Battlefront Deluxe Edition R469 N/A
Battlefront Ultimate Edition R899 N/A
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 R899 R379.10
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Deluxe Edition R999 R399.10
Battlefield 4 Premium Edition R229 N/A
Battlefield Hardline Deluxe Edition R149 N/A
Battlefield Hardline Ultimate Edition R299 N/A
Need for Speed Rivals R299 R119.10
Need for Speed Rivals: Complete Edition R369 R181.10
EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour R369 R262.10
Dragon Age Inquisition R299 R199.10
Dragon Age Inquisition – Game of the Year Edition R369 R222.10
Dragon Age Inquisition – Deluxe Edition R299 R199.10
EA Sports NHL 16 R899 R279.10
Madden NFL 16 R299 N/A
Madden NFL 16 Deluxe Edition R369 N/A
Madden NFL 16 Super Deluxe Edition R429 N/A
Peggle 2 R58 N/A
Peggle 2 Magical Masters Edition R73 N/A
Digital Discounts Standard Price PS+ Price
Crimsonland R149 R57.20
Skullgirls 2nd Encore R149 N/A
Toren R73 N/A
Starwhal R73 N/A
Octodad Dadliest Catch R87 N/A
Stealth Inc. Ultimate Edition R189 R68.10
Scram Kitty DX (cross-buy) R58 N/A
Knock-Knock R58 N/A
Quiplash R73 N/A
Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space R218 R65.40
Super Mega Baseball R299 R89.20
Cosmophony R44 N/A
Randal’s Monday R87 N/A
The Fall R73 N/A
Bombing Busters R44 N/A
Siralim R73 N/A
Retro City Rampage DX R149 R57.20
Act it out: Game of Charades R65 N/A
R.B.I. Baseball 16 R249 N/A


Deals with Gold Standard Price Gold Price
Battlefield Hardline Standard Edition R199.00 R49.75
Battlefield 4 R199.00 R49.75
EA Sports Rory Mcllroy PGA Tour R399.00 R159.60
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Imperial Edition R699.00 R349.50
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Premium Edition R1049.00 R524.50
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited R649.00 R324.50
Forza Horizon 2 Standard – 10th Anniversary Edition R599.00 R299.50
Forza Motorsport 6 Standard Edition R899.00 R449.50
Forza Motorsport 6 Car Pass R249.00 R124.50
Forza Motorsport 6 – Porsche Expansion R169.00 R84.50
Forza Motorsport 5: Racing Game of the Year Edition R249.00 R124.50
 Peggle 2 Magical Masters Edition R149.00 R49.17


Wii U:

Standard Price Sale Price
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U R669.00 R434.00
Super Mario World R104.00 R52.00
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past R104.00 R52.00
Super Mario Bros. 3 R65.00 R32.00
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap R91.00 R45.00
Metroid Prime Trilogy R260.00 R130.00
NES Remix 2 R130.00 R65.00
EarthBound R130.00 R65.00
Super Mario Galaxy 2 R260.00 R130.00
NES Remix R130.00 R65.00
Super Metroid R104.00 R52.00
FAST Racing NEO R220.00 R165.00
Art Academy: Sketchpad R52.00 R26.00
Child of Light R189.00 R90.00
Kick & Fennick R195.00 R136.50
Toki Tori R24.00 R12.00
Little Inferno R120.00 R60.00
Kirby’s Adventure R65.00 R32.00
F-ZERO R104.00 R52.00
Trine 2: Director’s Cut R199.00 R99.00
Art of Balance R125.00 R93.75
Trine Enchanted Edition R169.00 R84.00
Rock ‘N Racing Off Road R78.00 R39.00
Queen’s Garden R89.00 R71.00
Nano Assault Neo R119.00 R89.00
Epic Dumpster Bear R99.00 R69.00
FreezeME R182.00 R129.00
Legend of Kay Anniversary R359.00 R89.75
Cube Life R119.00 R83.00
Darts Up R30.. R18.00
Jones on Fire R79.00 R39.00
Life of Pixel R130.00 R65.00
99 Seconds R30.00 R18.00
Puzzle Monkeys R40.00 R20.00
Island Flight Simulator R99.00 R89.00
Dark Siders II R499.00 R124.75
Paranautical Activity R130.00 R65.00
Grumpy Reaper R65.00 R31.00
My Style Studio: Notebook R36.00 R28.00
Sweetest Thing R89.00 R71.00
Run Run and Die R52.00 R24.00
Word Party R280.00 R150.00
Wicked Monsters Blast! HD Plus R96.00 R35.90
Funk of Titans R117.00 R58.00
Balia Latino R299.00 R99.00
Spy Chameleon R65.00 R31.00
Cake Ninja 3: The Legend Continues R69.00 R49.00
Infinity Runner R85.00 R51.00
Canvaleon R89.00 R65.00
Puzzle Monkeys R49.00 R20.00
Citizens of Earth R144.00 R80.00
My Style Studio: Hair Salon R69.00 R49.95
Turtle Tale R36.00 R18.00
Color Zen Kids R35.00 R21.00
Color Zen R35.00 R26.00
Fit Music for Wii U R299.00 R99.00


Standard Price Sale Price
Super Smash Bros. for 3DS R539.00 R350.00
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening R78.00 R39.00
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages R78.00 R39.00
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Season R78.00 R39.00
Super Mario Bros. 3 R65.00 R32.00
3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure R78.00 R39.00
Pokémon Trading Card Game R65.00 R32.00
The Legend of Zelda R65.00 R32.00
Super Mario Bros. R65.00 R32.00
SteamWorld Dig R119.00 R59.00
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins R52.00 R26.00
Gunman Clive R24.00 R12.00
Super Mario Land R52.00 R26.00
Pullblox R78.00 R39.00
Super Mario Bros. 2 R65.00 R32.00
Kirby’s Dream Land R52.00 R26.00
Pokémon Link: Battle! R96.00 R48.00
Shin Megami Tensei IV R240.00 R130.00
Colors! 3D R72.00 R36.00
Dillon’s Rolling Western R130.00 R65.00
Zen Pinball 3D R60.00 R24.00
Box Boy R65.00 R32.00
Pokédex 3D Pro R195.00 R97.00
Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! R40.00 R30.00
Retro City Rampage: DX R99.00 R49.00
The Magic Hammer R36.00 R24.00
Toy Stunt Bike R36.00 R24.00
Toy Defense R81.00 R60.00
Music On: Electric Guitar R26.00 R13.00
Battleminer R65.00 R43.00
The Legend of Dark Witch – Chronicles 2D Act R65.00 R48.75
Garfield Kart R359.00 R119.00
The Keep R139.00 R69.00
Rytmik Ultimate R239.00 R139.00
The Delusions of Von Sottendorff: Find His Square mind R169.00 R104.00
Paddington: Adventures in London R359.00 R119.00
YAKARI: The Mystery of Four-Seasons R359.00 R119.00
Football Up Online R52.00 R13.00
WAKEDAS R47.00 R32.00
Murder on the Titanic R99.00 R66.00
3D Mahjong R59.00 R47.00
Goosebumps: The Game R299.00 R199.00
Lucky Luke & The Daltons R359.00 R119.00
Tappingo R47.00 R32.90
Gardenscapes R99.00 R49.00
Witch & Hero R62.00 R31.00
Word Puzzles by POWG R115.00 R92.00
Safari Quest R29.00 R19.00
KAMI R47.00 R32.90
Farming Simulator 14 R399.00 R100.00


Steam Specials Price
Dead by Daylight R197.10
Resident Evil 6 Complete R96
Resident Evil Deluxe Origins Bundle R288
Arma 3 Apex R399.20
How to Survive 2 R47.70
Killing Floor 2 R213.73
Resident Evil 4 / Biohazard 4 R84
Resident Evil 6 / Biohazard 6 R90
Farming Simulator 15 Gold Edition R191.40
Pro Cycling Manager 2016 R449.95

Humble Bundle-2000w

Humble E3 2016 Digital TicketBundle Price to Unlock
Twitch Turbo 30 day Subscription Pay what you want
Psychonauts Pay what you want
Mountain Pay what you want
Warframe PC: Booster Pack Pay what you want
Super Senso Beta Access + Sensonium Pack Pay what you want
Armored Warfare E3 Pack Pay what you want
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online: Exclusive E3 Digital Ticket Bundle Pay what you want
Superfight Closed Beta Access + The Joiner Micro Deck Pay what you want
Pathfinder Adventures – 40 Chests Pay what you want
Neverwinter Adventurer’s Helper Pack + Exclusive Lord of the Labyrinth Title Pay what you want
XSplit Premium 3-month license $4
Grey Goo Definitive Edition $4
Monster Hunter Generations Demo $4
EVEOnline 30-day Trial Access Code + 4 Ship Skins $4
War Thunder M5 Stuart Tank +P36 Aircraft + Exclusive Twitch + Humble Bundle Decals $4
SMITE – Bellona and Furiona Bellona Exclusive Skin, Kukulkan and Typhoon Kukulkan Skin $4
Life is Feudal: Your Own $8.96
Paladins – Beta Key, Champion Androxus + Countenance Skin, 5 Radiant Chests $8.96
Payday 2 E3 Mask Pack + The Golden Grin Casino Heist DLC $8.96
 Humble Staff Picks Bundle Hamble  Price to Unlock
1001 Spikes Pay what you want
Absolute Drift Pay what you want
Snakebird Pay what you want
Hand of Fate $6.44
Deathtrap $6.44
Viscera Clean up Detail $10
Craft the World $10
 Premium Hamble Plush $40

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