5 Indie games that should be on your radar in 2016


We are half-way through the year already and with E3 out of the way the annual gaming lull is currently taking place. Yes, there are games releasing, but very few AAA games. It often means that it’s a time for indie games to take centre stage, and while the term “indie” is a swear word for many, others love the variety the games offer, especially at these quiet times. With that in mind, these are some of the indie games you should be considering for the rest of the year.

Please note: Games without a confirmed release date, like Cuphead for example, was excluded.

Inside – Xbox One (29 June) and PC (7 July)

The first indie game on your list should very definitely be Inside, coming to an Xbox One and PC, from Playdead studios. Their previous game, Limbo, was quite easily one of the greatest 2D puzzle platformers I have ever played. Everything from the puzzle solving to the black and white environment and of course those damn spiders. Inside is looking equally fantastic and I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on it.

ABZU – PS4 and PC (2 August)

Anyone who knows me, and if you follow me on Twitter, will know that I am dying to play ABZU. It’s being developed by Giant Squid who has the same art director that brought us Flower and Journey. Ever since I played it at E3 last year I have been waiting for a release date and now that there is one I am trying to figure out how I can fast forward to that date. The game has a very similar feel to Journey, only it takes place under water and lets you explore the deep ocean. It’s going to be a special game, I am sure of it.

Bound – PS4 (16 August)

Bound has only quite recently gained our attention, and it’s another game that resembles a lot of what Journey did in its experience. Bound features a character that literally dances her way through the levels and judging by the little bit that we have seen it is going to be a worthwhile experience too. There hasn’t been a ton of footage on this one, but what there has been has looked great.

Deadlight: Director’s Cut – PS4, Xbox One and PC (21 June)

Okay, this one is actually out already and is an updated/remastered version of the game that released a couple of years ago. It reminded me a lot of Shadow Complex at the time, except that it’s a world filled with zombies. It’s a 2.5D action platformer with survival aspects. It has a super story line with a pretty damn good twist to boot. It may not be the best game ever, and lots of people found it a bit too basic, but I loved it and with the extra modes and features in the Director’s Cut I think it will be more than just good value for money.

Song of the Deep – PS4, Xbox One and PC (12 July)

Fine, this one is a bit of a cheat because it isn’t technically an indie game I guess. Developed by Insomniac but not backed by any of the major publishers, it’s still a ‘small’ enough game to go unnoticed. Song of the Deep is billed as a Metroidvania game which will immediately appeal to fans of the genre. It’s a 2D platformer that takes place under water and everything we have seen of it looks charming as hell. It might not be Ori and the Blind Forest, but it should be a game well worth playing.


There you have my list of 5 indie games coming out this year that requires your attention. There are, of course, many others. Feel free to share which games you think gamers should consider.

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