Ford Dealership uses Firewatch artwork to promote a sale


Who doesn’t love a little scandal in the morning? You know the game Firewatch, the walking simulator where you’re a park ranger? Well, artwork for that game was used in some promotional material for a Ford dealership in Quincy, Massachusetts. The advert in question is for a specific “freedom” event in which you save money, blah blah blah. The image was picked up by a Twitter user, where it it was noticed, and reported on, by Game Informer.

Here’s the tweet with the image:

It wasn’t long after that, that Sean Vanaman from Santa Campo (the creators of Firewatch) said it was basically stolen.

Game Informer contacted the dealership to find out more about how this could’ve happened, but were quickly hung up on when the hot questions were asked. According to the short telephonic interview, the group has no copyright vetting process. This is probably why the bugger up was made.

They then sent Game Informer an email explaining where they got the image from, but Sean Vanaman once again called it out as BS.

Source: Game Informer

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