1 million Xbox Elite controllers have now been manufactured


There is very little debate that the Xbox One Elite controller is possibly one of the best controllers available in the market right now. We reviewed the beast last year and walked away very impressed with everything it delivered. Many people wrote it off as a product that would be dead on arival, but here we are with the official tweet from Phil Spencer that 1 Million Xbox Elite controllers have now been manufactured.

Keep in mind that it’s the manufactured number and not the number of controllers that’s been sold. It’s still a very impressive milestone considering that the controller will set you back at just over R3000. Yes, we know that’s an absurd cost for a measily controller, but we’re living in 2016 and if you want the best money can buy that’s what you get. Of course this’ll work on PC too, which helps.

If you’re still not too sure about this Elite controller you’re welcome to head over to our review to help you make that decision.

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