Adventures of Mana releases on Vita out of nowhere


The Vita as a platform doesn’t hold much water if your tastes don’t involve scantily clad anime school girls, a nice PS1 emulation device or JRPGs. Luckily if you are a fan of the latter then Square Enix has sent some good vibes your way. After getting released in Japan earlier this year, fans asked for it and, much like Ultros, suddenly it appears. Yesterday to everyone’s surprise Adventures of Mana was available for purchase on both the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation TV.

Adventures of Mana actually is a remake of the original game in the Mana franchise, Final Fantasy Adventures (or Mystic Quest as it was known in Europe). Originally released for the Game Boy before the release of Final Fantasy IV, it was a different take on the genre by focusing more on the action foundations of combat. It would spawn off to create the much beloved yet underappreciated Mana franchise cementing it as its own brand to players.

It is exciting to drop in and see the reimagining of a classic game. Early impressions from Japan have been positive so if you need that JRPG itch scratched till I Am Setsuna arrives next month, this might be just what Sakaguchi ordered. With this and the recent release of Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma, the Vita might just breath some fleeting Life once again.

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