Detroit: Become Human – More info from Quantic Dream


EMOTIONS – that’s the joke that’s aligned with Quantic Dream every single time they get on stage, reveal anything or when David Cage’s name is mentioned. Only fitting then that I get it out of the way here and now.

The developer behind Heavy Rain, Fahrenheit and Beyond: Two Souls is working on a new game called Detroit: Become Human. We recently saw a new trailer from the game at E3 and majority of the responses were filled with excitement for the new project.

The game looks to revolve around the world of robot life and their desire to become part of the human race. The game will, as always with Quantic, have choices to be made which will affect the way your story plays out with numerous scenarios and endings resulting.

Below is a new video about the game with David Cage himself as he answers some questions about what we can expect in the game when it releases (hopefully) next year. It’s not secret that I am a massive Quantic Dream fanboy and I honestly cannot wait to play Detroit, especially if what is being said comes to fruition. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts:

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