Video: Total War: Warhammer is getting bloody. Fantastic

Total War blood
One of the best things about Total War: Warhammer is its massive land battles where armies of all races clash to see who will claim The Old World. It certainly is impressive seeing hundreds of units battle it out but up until now the battles have felt a little tame in terms of brutality. That’s because there is no blood in the game, so Creative Assembly decided to rectify that problem by adding blood DLC that will leave the battlefield soaked with the blood of your fallen foes.

The only catch is that you have to pay for it and it will cost you about R35 – which is not a lot but something like this should be free. There has also been a massive patch added for the game that includes the release of the Vampire Counts Blood Knights cavalry and tweaks and fixes galore. Check out all the added gore in the brutal trailer below.


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