Resi 7 demo downloaded 2 million times in 2 weeks


At E3 this year Sony dropped a bomb on many by showing off Resident Evil 7 for the first time. No one had any clue that it was a Resident Evil game as it had steered so far away from what the franchise had become – a gloried action shooter. Yes, it perhaps had a similar vibe to P.T. for most, but hidden deep within the demo was a game with some very interesting bits and, at this point, many unresolved puzzles.

This demo, Capcom has now confirmed, has been downloaded 2 million times by PlayStation Plus subscribers. That number makes it the most downloaded single player demo to date on the PS4. Capcom had this to say about that little milestone:

[quote]We would like to thank all our fans for the feedback and support – the nail-biting exploration and terrifying atmosphere in the demo is just a taste of what can be expected when the game releases on January 24, 2017.[/quote]

Here’s hoping the final game holds up to what we played in that demo.

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