Nine of the most Iconic weapons in Video Games


Video game weapons can often be seen as a tool, a means to an end. This is often the case of shooter games, since swopping to something else lying on the ground is quick and easy and often fun. But sometimes, the weapon is more than a tool, and it transcends its purpose to become more. It becomes an extension of the game and the character you control. Here is a list of such iconic weapons.

Lancer Assault Rifle (Gears of War Series)


The original Gears of War has been attributed to being one of the fathers of cover-based shooters. Many, very popular games that came after it, followed its formula to create a genre that has become a staple of modern day video games. But one thing no other game could quite replicate was the iconic chainsaw mounted Assault Rifle. Cleaving open a Locust is so gory and satisfying that I don’t even pick up other primary weapons when I play any of the titles. Because a freaking chainsaw man!

The Buster Blade (Final Fantasy VII)


I’m going to admit right here and right now that I have very limited Final Fantasy knowledge. It is a series that somehow passed me by, but I can still recognise certain elements of the series. I know that traveling around on oversized chickens is a thing for instance, but that is about it. What I do know is that Final Fantasy VII is arguably the best in the series, and that most fans cannot wait to see what the remake has in store for them. I also know that it has the most iconic of weapons in the series. This is the huge Buster Sword that Cloud Strife carries around. It is huge, and there’s absolutely no logic behind the thing, but man does it look awesome.

AMT Hardballers – Silverballers (Hitman Series)


Agent 47 has a lot of ways of taking down his targets. But, nothing he uses comes close to the trademark .45 ACP semi-automatic pistols he walks around with. Sure the piano wire is affective, but we all associate the bald headed killer with the silenced pistols nicknamed the Silverballers. It’s kind of ironic that the series encourages you not to use the guns, but come on, who doesn’t want to silently execute the target with one of these bad boys?

Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts series)


Kingdom Hearts is a series that completely missed me. It’s a premise that makes no sense to me, so gave it a skip. That said, there is no denying that almost every gamer out there know about Sora and the iconic sword-like weapon, shaped into a key, that he wields. And while it’s probably a bit impractical as a weapon, you cannot deny that it just looks so cool!

Gjallarhorn (Destiny)


Every one of us have seen reaction videos on Youtube. But few can get close to the shear elation that some experienced from getting this exotic Rocket Launcher. The Gjallarhorn was so powerful, it annihilated raid bosses with only a few shots. It reached a point where people would not be allowed to join a raiding party if they didn’t possess the Ghorn. The weapon got left behind for the Taken King expansion, but will see a much anticipated return when Rise of Iron releases later this year.

Master Sword (Legend of Zelda series)


Here is one weapon that’s probably the best example on this list. Everyone knows about Link’s Master Sword, which takes on many different forms depending on the game in the series, but still has the same premise about it. Having grown up with PC gaming, I didn’t own or play Nintendo games. I’ve never owned a Nintendo console, so I never played a Legend of Zelda game. But, I know what the Master Sword is, and there is no denying the legend that is this weapon.

Crowbar (Half-Life “series”)


Not much can be said about a crowbar. It’s not really a weapon. It’s a tool used to pry things open with. But not if you’re a four-eyed silent scientist that works for a top secret underground laboratory that experiments with other dimensions that suddenly get invaded. No, if that is your job, then it is a weapon used to bash head crabs and zombie scientists with. The weapon is so iconic that it’s been mentioned and Easter egged countless times, and that is a sign of a legendary weapon!

Blades of Chaos (God of War series)


Six God of War games have been released to date (Betrayal doesn’t count). Only half of them actually featured the legendary Blades of Chaos. Yet we still refer to Kratos’ iconic death chains as the Blades of Chaos. The weapons are notorious, but man was it a lot of fun stringing some combos together with the free flowing combat the blades allowed. There has been a few attempts by other games to replicate the Blades of Chaos, but none can ever come close.

Hidden Blades (Assassin’s Creed series)

hidden blade

The final weapon on this list is also the least flashy (if you discount the crowbar), since as the name implies, it’s hidden. The weapon of choice for the Assassin’s brotherhood. It has featured in every game of the series. It has been upgraded from one to two blades at some point and combat has been made possible as well. Yes, other weapons like tomahawks and pistols have been introduced, but we will always love the original ‘stabby stabby’ device.

There are plenty of weapons out there that are truly iconic and these are only a few that I can think of. So let us know in the comments which other weapons should belong on an Iconic Weapons list.

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