Video: Grand Theft Auto 5 Redux is the graphics mod we have been waiting for

GTA 5 redux
If you have played Grand Theft Auto V on PC you will know that it a very good-looking game indeed. Us graphics whores call it the definitive version due to its 60 FPS and increased draw distance. However one of the best reasons to get GTA 5 on PC is the mods that people come up with to further push the visual boundaries. Well it looks like that mod has finally arrived in the form of the Redux mod, and it certainly was worth waiting for.

The mods creator – Josh Romito, says you can customize the graphical features to your liking, he also says he has redone almost every element in the game. In the video below you will see better vehicle textures, animations, weather effects (such as clothes getting wet) and a massive list of other tweaks that you can find here. According to Josh the release date for the mod is around the corner, so cross fingers that the wait is not too long before we can fire this up.


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