Video: Watch a guy play retro classics on piano that include real-time sound effects


There’s just something about the oldschool retro theme songs that’ll stay with us for eternity. It’s as if the 80’s all but swallowed up all the good tunes when it comes to video games or our favourite 80’s cartoons and TV series. On YouTube you’ll often see some person doing an amazing take on a retro classic by playing a song in a new style. Now there’s a guy that’s doing the most amazing things on Piano and he’s doing it in real time by doing his best to include the sound effects.

He’s recently done this for Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, featured below. He must be quite the talented chap as he gets back to where he left off when applying a sound effect like Mario collection a 1Up or Sonic collecting coins. It’s absolutely amazing and just what this Friday needs:

Be sure to check his take on The Legend of Zelda while you’re at it:

On his YouTube channel he’s got a bunch of other themes he’s played including Star Wars, Top Gear, Dragon Ball and all forms of classic themes. Be sure to check it out!

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