Unlocking the next Hearthstone hero needs new blood or a dummy account


I have a love/ hate relationship with Hearthstone. I love the card game because I can hop on for a few minutes and play a game. It is great for those awkward waits in places with good signal but not much to do or while you wait for people who went AFK before your next round of whatever other game you are playing.

I hate it because of all the time I waste with people playing to the timer every round as if they are some pro that needs the time or the edge of making an opponent impatient. It is just annoying as hell. I also hate how the new heroes that have been added all have a little task attached to them.

First we had Lady Liadrin, the paladin hero that was unlocked by getting a character to level 20 in World of Warcraft. It didn’t apply backwards, so you needed to make a new character for this to work and I guess it was an attempt to get people to try out WoW, which allows you to play for free up to level 20. It took a while, like seven hours or so, but you get a hero that can’t be bought, that’s pretty cool, right?

Now the latest hero requires that you get some fresh meat into Hearthstone. You need to recruit a friend to the game and they need to get 20 level ups and then you will unlock Morgl the Oracle, a shaman hero. What better way is there to show that you are about to lay the smackdown with rampaging murlocs?

It sounds like a great way to get friends to play the game. Unless all your friends already play it. Or if you have no friends (cries in corner), then you are going to do this the hard way. Yup, you will need to recruit your own fresh dummy account and get 20 levels so that you can become a murloc. Embrace the mrglglglgl!

If you are keen on trying out Hearthstone, let me know please? Otherwise expect a post on me complaining about making a dummy account to unlock this hero later in the week…

Source: Blizzard






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