Nintendo planning a smart phone controller

Smart phone controllers have been around for some time but they have never really taken off as something that is mainstream. Nintendo have a way of making old things cool again, just look at the success of Pokemon GO – augmented reality done right. Now that Nintendo have seen the potential in smart phones they are thinking about making their own smart phone controller. According to Nintendo entertainment planning and development general manager Shinya Takahashi, a smart phone controller is a very feasible idea that they are looking into.

Nintendo certainly have done a 180 in terms of their focus, it was only about a year ago when they decided to start developing games for smart devices. Before that the company thought that developing games for smart devices might actually hurt their brands. I guess Pokemon GO proved them wrong. It could just be one of the best moves the company has ever made. Don’t be surprised if you see Nintendo developing their own smart device one day soon.


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