This Russian went Pokémon catching on the Nürburgring


I promised myself I will not write about the whole Pokémon Go craze you’re seeing all over the show at the moment, since it’s been covered by just about everyone and their aunts on the internet. Well, it turns out I will have have to break that promise, because this is too good not to share.

While a lot of people have been having fun trying to catch rare Pokémon, this Russian dude (named Boosted Boris) decided it’ll be a good idea to try and catch some monsters while riding shotgun in a BMW M3 around the Nürburgring. Now, while there’s many of us who’ve played a game that takes us around the legendary track, not many can claim to be playing another game while actually being on the real Nürburgring.

He manages to catch quite a few Pokémon, and the whole video is quite funny. It is important to note that he wasn’t driving, and it should never be encouraged to hunt and drive:

Source: Jalopnik & Kotaku

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