Video: New Battlefront DLC detailed

death star DLC
The Star Wars: Celebration recently took place in the UK and loads of new Battlefront details were revealed. Of all the news things reveled the biggest would have to be the addition of space battles in the 3rd DLC pack simply named – Death Star. The lack of space battles was one of the biggest complaints by fans when Battlefront released last year, so it’s good to hear it will be added to the game in September… if you are a season pass holder of course. The two new heroes you will bag with the Death Star DLC are Chewbacca and Bossk. No Obi Wan sadly, which I feel is a missed opportunity.

There was also some new info dropped in terms of the 4th and Final DLC pack that looks like it will be based on the upcoming Star Wars movie – Star Wars: Rouge One. The title of the DLC pack is called Rouge One: Scarif. The movie is due out mid December so expect the final DLC to drop around then, other than that not much is known about the final DLC pack for Battlefront. Lastly information dropped for Star Wars: Battlefront 2. It looks like it will be out at the end of next year and have a single player campaign, as promised, but there’s no news yet if it will be based on the new trilogy or not. For a few more details check out the link here, also below is the trailer for the Death Star DLC. Watch it right now!

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