Honesty Hour – I’ve Never Played Portal


Hello gamers, it’s me, that failed gaming person who hasn’t played your favourite game before. Yes, in the past couple of weeks I have announced the shame of my existence in that I have never played Bioshock, nor Red Dead Redemption (well not more than a couple of hours anyway). To my surprise in both those posts I found out I wasn’t alone and that there were other miscreants like me who have not played these so called gems.

Well this week is another game that I am sure to get hate on and that is, of course, Portal. Nope, I have never played it and as a result I have never played Portal 2 either (playing a game that has the number 2 in before 1 does not happen in my head). Yes, I do indeed own it and for quite some time, but for some reason I just haven’t sat down and actually played it.

So this means that the whole cake joke that does the rounds is completely lost on me, like completely. I don’t get it. The odd thing with Portal though? It’s actually my kind of game when I think of it and look at gameplay. Puzzles that require logical reasoning to progress is high up on my list of likes. Alas, I have not played it but I very much plan on doing so at some point. Maybe.


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