Video: First level of Dark Souls recreated in Little Big Planet 3


The bounds of some people’s creativity is sometimes limitless, and all they need is the tools to express their creativity. The Little Big Planet series has always been such enabler, and there are some folks out there that came up with the most amazing creations.

Recreating a level of another game isn’t exactly the most creative thing ever, but it does take some talent, which I know I do not possess. That is exactly what Reddit user Catapultatoe did, by recreating the tutorial level of Dark Souls in Little Big Planet 3:

He says it took him about a month to create, and thinks its pretty okay. I think its more than okay. Sure it is not created exactly like Dark Souls, but it ‘s pretty damn close, using the same controller buttons and even Estus to restore health. If you have Little Big Planet 3, you can grab the level from the official website.

Source: Polygon

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