NBA 2K17 will include the full USA team and a Legendary team


By now you should have all given NBA 2K16 a go considering it was free on PS+ and very much worthwhile. It’s easily the most authentic sport sim game in existence and whether you love basketball or not, it is great fun to play. NBA 2K17 is aiming to go one further and with it focusing on Kobe Bryant it is already on its way to being another stellar game.

To make NBA 2K17 even greater, 2K have announced that the entire USA NBA team as well as their coach, Mike Krzyzewski, will feature in the game for the first time ever. Not only this, but the legendary team of 1992 will also be included in the game. The “Dream Team” of ’92 has some of the most iconic basketball legends in the history of the game (Jordan, Bird, Malone to name a few).

It’s a great move for the franchise and having those legendary names associated with the new iteration of the game will definitely go down well, especially in the US, but also here in SA where many remember those names from the NBA Jam days surely.

NBA 2K17 releases on 20 September so not long to go now before we start slamming things down!

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