Titanfall 2 to get dedicated servers

Titanfall 2 dedicated servers header
The launch of the first Titanfall game in South Africa was a bit of a disaster. That’s because the release here was cancelled just a week before it came out. The reason the game got pulled from our country is because Titanfall uses Azure servers in the cloud to connect players around the world. The system works great for multiplayer if you have Azure server support in your country, but if you don’t it is pretty horrible. South Africa doesn’t have Azure server support and that’s why the game wasn’t released here because the online experience would not be great.

It looks like developers – Respawn, have seen the error in their ways when it comes to servers and that is why Titanfall 2 will release with dedicated servers. Respawn has partnered with Multiplay which allows the game access to a number of servers across the world with minimal latency, based on Multiplay’s cloud-bursting tech. Not only does this mean the game will officially release here but it looks like we will be able to enjoy Titanfall 2 relatively lag-free.

Source: Vg247.com

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