Video: No Man’s Sky – Can you Survive?

No Man's Sky

By now, if you have been following the video series on No Man’s Sky, you will have learnt the first three basic Guides to the Galaxy – Explore, Fight and Trade. In the final video of this four-part series we get to see exactly what we’ll be up against in order to plan our survival in the Galaxy.

The video shows us the different planets and their elemental conditions that the players will be facing, from freezing temperatures to scorching hot weather. We also see some of the enemies that we will be up against. Only by upgrading the tech of your suit will you be able to survive longer in these harsh environments. The most intriguing bit is that death will actually put a dent in your progress of the game, bringing with it the loss of resources as well as damaging any technology you might have.

After being delayed to August players have been a little sour. What’s worse is the fact that with the game being so vast, players are unsure on what exactly No Man’s Sky is. Will there be any actual objectives for players to follow or will this be a short lived title?

No Man’s Sky is slated for the 10th of August 2016 so make sure your ticket is booked to explore the Galaxy.

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