Update: INSIDE confirmed for PS4 in August


Update: Well, that was quick. According to a source at VG247, the game is confirmed to release at the end of August for PS4. Yay!

Original Story: Playdead’s INSIDE was an amazing success for the studio. Their follow-up to the widely lauded Limbo was both engrossing and an experience worth pursuing. Many doubted whether they could have come close to their previous masterpiece, but they scaled the task quite admirably. The game was released on Xbox One and Steam on the 29th of June, but like Limbo at the beginning, it wasn’t available on Sony’s platforms. However, you Sony Ponies might have something to be excited about.

Coming from the website exophase, we see a trophy list for the title. The legitimacy of this is obviously questionable, but you also have to remember that this was the same website that leaked the trophy list of the Dead Rising remaster which ended up being confirmed later on. It’s entirely possible that the game will eventually come to the PS4 and if Playdead’s previous behaviour with Limbo is to be believed, they might have just had an exclusivity deal with Microsoft.

This is great news since the game deserves to be on as many platforms as possible and PS4 players can get the opportunity to experience it. It’s, of course, all conjecture at this point, but you’re saying there’s a chance.

Source: VG247

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